Pondering Politics & Many Much More Important Issues

Alex McDermott
27 July 1984
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My name is Alex and I'm 23. I'm from Chatham, Kent, England, Great Britain. Not necessarily in that order.
I am a politics graduate from the University of Kent at Canterbury, which is about as exciting as it sounds. 9 long months ago I returned from living in Kiel, Germany, where I whiled away 12 hours a week teaching English to badly behaved teenagers in a Berufschule, and travelling further afield where possible.
I currently spend my time pondering life, love, the universe, and attempting to find some form of paid employment which suits my interests.
To kill time and stay sane thanks to my criminally sparse timetable I correspond with my (long suffering) friends, try to learn more about how the world works and why, and concentrate on my little fascinations; Germany, Scandinavia, interesting facts and interesting, relevant history; & I write my novel, very much a work in progress. Plus my political opinions, which we won't go into here...
Anyway, that's me.