Alex McDermott (ajm4) wrote,
Alex McDermott

All Heil the 'New Powertrak'...

I'm so bored I've just taken a picture of a dustcart.

It had an amusing slogan printed on the side: 'Heil the New Powertrak'.

Now, I'm not in the habit of giving the Nazi salute to anyone, let alone dust cart drivers, and in Germany you can be arrested for it.
I also question why this dustcart is so different to any other that it would inspire anyone to bestow such unfettered and uncontrollable adoration on it - to name the vehicle model 'Heil', you'd imagine it had to have something.

Quite what it is about this dustcart which makes it so special remains to be seen, although I hear the company have two new slogans in the pipeline:

'Ein Volk, Ein Lordswood Landfill, Ein Führer' as well as 'Seig Heil uber Der Müll' (or 'hail victory over the waste').

Yes, I know this officially makes me the saddest person on earth.

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